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Through play and drama this subject teaches basic communication skills that shapes and trims not only personality traits, but enhances clarity and confidence in expression.
Exploring posture, movement, gesture, articulation and speech clarity this shows to be one of the most rewarding transferable skills within the performance arts. 

performance technique training

Singing, dancing and acting are crafts. They take a lot of sweat, practice and technique.
Just like playing an instrument, drawing or riding a bike those are things that can be taught.  Talent is 15% natural ability and 85% hard work. If mastering performatic skills  is something our students are interested in achieving, we can certainly help. 

Preparation for interviews

Designed for teens.
As if, only achieving adolescence wouldn't be enough pressure, academic responsibilities and  and social expectations build up. We understand this moment shapes adulthood not only emotionally but socially, academically and financially forever.  That is why we want our students to be on top shape in every education interview situation. Those are the human interactions that will shape their future, a simple glance or gesture might open doors for life.  

cultural development

 In a world where smart phones and Pop Culture scream so loudly at all times, it is important for us to make sure that our students, whilst preparing to guide the avant-garde, keep connected to the great thinkers that paved the way for what is created today.  In our training we aim to constantly bring our students to understand the theories that built their world.
We believe art should fill as much of  the head as it does of the heart.

WAys into child acting

More than a subject this is  an opportunity.  At Upstage Lab we take our student's interests seriously. If a parent or student is interested in going into child acting or modelling we can help pave the way.  The bespoke program covers any technical training or audition preparation necessary for the success of our student's stardom.

audition preparation 

For castings and auditions for professional work or for drama schools, it is essential to be well prepared, and to be able to confidently take the room on arrival. Some casting directors say that within 20 seconds of an auditionee being in a an audition room they know if they want them or not. Understanding the tricks to create an incredible first impression in a 5 minute situation is essential for great success.



Pricing List


All classes are one hour long, and are delivered in the comfort of your own home.
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The Lonely wolf

A single class to achieve a quick and successful result in any of our specialties.

The Twin Class Pack 

Have double the time to explore a little more of the things we have to offer, and don't worry you don't need to have both classes in one go.

The Triple Hour, Triple Threat Pack

Enjoy a great discount by buying  three, one hour classes on bulk.
For those wanting to delve a little deeper in the work. 

The Four for Perfection Pack

Achieve the greatest standards with our four classes pack, in which you can nail your objectives with more time and in greater detail. 




Holiday Camps

Every half term we gather art kids from all around London for a full week of intensive fun, learning, play, drama, dance and music. 

From ten to six, for 5 days we gather performance professionals to inspire and deliver a great program, where learning and play makes magic.


Summer Intensives

For a full two weeks in July we gather children and teens from all around London to explore their favourite styles of performance in an intensive course.
Exploring Acting, Musical Theatre, Jazz Dance, Street Dance, Tap, and Contemporary Dance  and much more. Keep an eye on our events page. 


Super cultural weekends

Quarterly, we take our students for a weekend filled with workshops, field trips, discussions and lots of play.
The Super Cultural Weekends are designed to incite thought and expose children to art.   
Galleries, parks, tours and theatrical events are only a spark to ignite a weekend full of learning through play, practice and talk.


family cultural bonding day

Our program for the whole family.  

Three times a year we gather our theatre kids, with their whole family for a cultural bonding day.
A family day out, designed in detail to please the small ones and the grown ups. 



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